Jeremy Privett

Sr. Software Engineer / Technology Consultant

I solve problems for software teams.Across the stack, from bare metal or cloud all the way to the user experience.
Including the team and SDLC processes themselves.

  • Three (3) two (2) consulting slots currently available for Q3 2024.

  • Project-based billing, quote estimate provided after initial consultation.

  • Minimum project budget of $20,000.

  • Detailed Project and Process Assessments available for $2,000.

  • Project Rescue Assessment for turning around struggling projects available for $3,000.

  • Ad-hoc Hourly consulting available at $250/hr.

  • Urgent / Rush options available for additional fee.

  • Considering full-time employment opportunities for interesting companies with missions I care about.

Credentials and Background

  • Two decades of Software Engineering Experience.

  • One decade of Engineering Management experience.

  • Lean Project Manager capable of applying exactly the right amount of process to a team to improve quality without sacrificing efficiency.

  • Shipped well over 100 projects in both a FTE and consulting capacity across a 20+ year career.

  • Worked Operations in high-pressure, five 9s uptime environments like a Content Delivery Network.

  • Proven track record integrating into existing teams or helping build out entire engineering organizations.

  • Able to work as a Team of One, collecting and defining requirements, then building and shipping a project.

Skills and Expertise

I'm known for having the ability to learn and be productive quickly, even in systems and technologies I've never interacted with before, frequently becoming the Subject Matter Expert over several domains within a company or project.

My core tech stack is Laravel (PHP). I'm a big proponent of the TALL stack (Tailwind-Alpine-Laravel-Livewire), but I also regularly use Vue.js with either Inertia.js or utilizing an API for a full SPA experience depending on the needs of the project.With that said, I've managed and delivered numerous development projects in JavaScript, Ruby, C#, Java, etc. with no issue. Click the button below to see a detailed list of skills. "Proficiency" can be equated to "ramp up time" because I do high-quality work in unfamiliar languages, frameworks, or systems all the time based on client needs or requirements. List not exhaustive.

What People Say About Me

"Jeremy is an amazing asset to any team. Not only does he understand business and can operate on a strategic level directly with leadership, but he is also someone who can gain trust of customers quickly, and can always be depended on when it comes to reporting status of projects and managing teams. He has always been able to turn sub optimal situations around into very positive outcomes."

Tracy Lee
CEO, This Dot Labs

"I'm excited, I feel like I'm starting to build the business that I wanted to build 20 years ago but didn't think I could."

Michael Carico
Founder, AbleSpark

"Jeremy Privett is among the top 2 or 3 people I've worked with over the course of my 18+ year career in IT that I would call a 'wizard' or 'Jedi' in his field. Though he is a master of Linux architecture, engineering, development, troubleshooting and administration, he is also a true multiple-disciplinary IT specialist. From network and IP, to web and application development, he possesses a wide and deep breadth of knowledge and skill sets to handle any task or project that I've worked with him on, or have seen him work on.Jeremy is an independant thinker, a talented leader and an incredible problem solver. He would be an asset to any organization."

Michael A. Manthe
Sr. Network Engineer

"Jeremy is a true technical project manager with an intense focus on supporting and enabling his teams to achieve new heights. His ability to dissect problems and solicit insights for key stakeholders allows him to maneuver throughout any project with ease. Jeremy has operated at a variety of different levels within contracts whether it was soliciting product vision and roadmap requirements from C-level execs to working with product engineers to deliver feature enhancements to known systems.Jeremy understands the technical jargon and logistics to a degree that allows him to easily communicate across organizations regarding the status of initiatives and features and to create awareness when needed on key challenges. His ability to understand product vision allows him to influence and formulate strategies at the organizational level to help exceed expectations on team KPIs or OKRs.Consistently, Jeremy would come to me with a well thought out plan of execution that we ran with and saw results with clients. He is able to facilitate all activities on a product delivery focused team from design to milestone planning to ticketing writing and then lead his teams to success. Jeremy is a great choice to lead projects."

Dustin Goodman
Engineering Manager, This Dot Labs

"Jeremy is a solid engineer, with skills in both Programming and Linux Systems Administration. He also has innate troubleshooting abilities.His problem-solving prowess, eagerness to learn new technology, and coolness under pressure easily places him above the crowd as a valued colleague.The combination of experience and talent that Jeremy brings to the table is a rare commodity."

Jesse Rhodes
Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

"Jeremy has a wide array of skills that allow him to assume different roles on a team depending on what's needed most. I've seen him guide a team towards the proper technical solution, work with multiple stakeholders to develop long-term vision and concrete requirements, manage relationships with third-party clients, guide a team through sprint ceremonies and on-time delivery of features and products, and more.Jeremy also has a strong strategic vision, a desire to truly improve the company he's a part of, an ability to identify and correct process deficiencies to improve business outcomes, and a naturally intuitive sense of what's changing in an organization and what he needs to do to adapt to it."

Rob Ocel
VP of Innovation, This Dot Labs

"Jeremy can solve problems very quickly and will always help a team member get out of a jam. He can pick any technology up overnight and have answers or recommendations for solutions the next day. I was lucky to work with him and know that anybody that gets to work with him gets a high quality team member on their side."

Jack Bisson
Database Architect